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   Toolkit YMCA Youth Work

A Tookit? A bunch of tools, neatly put together for doing a spot of DIY? No, not even close!

In actual fact, our Toolkit here contains a vast amount of files all meant to support you as a youth worker during every aspect of your work: Tried an tested ideas, actionable programming, games, group building and forming activities, background information, bible insights and so much more.

To get things in a useful order we have created categories as you see at the right side of the screen - look at those nicely colored tags called "YMCA", "Devotion", "We are Europe" and so forth - you'll get the idea, just click and see.
Enjoy and make the most it!

And never forget: This is not a oneway street - contribute to this Toolkit, send us your ideas, programs, everything you find useful in your day to day YMCA activities. Your participation is highly appreciated!

   Contents of the Toolkit

Now get a quick glimps on what is in the Toolkit so far:


All that is to know about the YMCA - the Young Men's Christian Association

...and a lot more actually!

I have a DREAM

The bible - cover to cover!

Show Your Abilities
Sports & Health


Get into gear...

  We are Europe

That means: Europe is us!

Tell ppl what life is like in the YMCA


Young folks need guidance - be the man ... or the woman for that matter!
  Challenge 21
MDG - Millennium Development Goals
Challenge the global challenges

Lets face it, there's a lot to do out in the world still!
If you're having problems opening any of the files in the Toolbox, pls. have a look
at our help page!


We are Europe





 We are Europe



 Challenge 21
 Scouts &


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