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Most ppl will never experience any problems opening the files included in our Toolbox.
But just in case you stumble upon a file that won't open, here's what you can do:
    A Word document you can either open with Microsoft Word (R) or you may want to go for the free alternative called Open Office - you can download that one here:

  All you need to open this is a freely available Acrobat Reader.
Get your copy from those folks here:

  Sounds like music ... or just a human voice in a file. Use the audio player that comes with your operating system, for example the Media Player. Or get one free:
  This icon stands for any kind of video and motion picture. Either you use the Media Player or you can use this one:
  It's a PowerPoint Presentation. You can watch it with Microsoft's free PowerPoint viewer available right here:

  A spreadsheet created with Microsoft Excel (R). If you don't have that program you might want to use Open Office instead - you can download it here:
  Microsoft Publisher (R) files are very, very rare beasts in the Toolbox. They may open with Open Office - give it a try:

  An archive packed in ZIP oder RAR format. You'll have to download an evalutation copy of any zip/unzip program to unpack the file. Check out this one:

Any other problems? Pls. don't hesitate to contact us!

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 We are Europe



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