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Dear YMCA-Friends,

during the European YMCA Youth Workers Camp from 7th to 14th of August 2010 in Michelstadt, Germany, we started a network for the exchange of youth work experiences in the European YMCA.

As a result we now proudly present to you the Toolkit YMCA Youth Work.


The Toolkit covers almost all aspects of youth work at the YMCA. Feel free to use the files in the kit as you like. And of course don't forget to send new stuff to toolkit@cvjm-westbund.de because the idea is to make this a long lasting project that developes into a public domain youth working database!

For the most recent release of the Toolkit please visit us at:

Young people are at the heart of all YMCA's youth workers, professionals as well as volunteers. Our very goal is to provide all young people with the opportunity to fulfil their God-given potentials. We have a long history of supporting young people in every aspect of their lives from growing up to hopefully becoming an active member in YMCA themselves.

YMCA youth workers are highly qualified, well educated and by nature dedicated people who work to ensure that every young person feels they have a place to belong to, where their voice is heard and where they are valued and respected as an individual.

Günter Lücking is a professional youth worker with CVJM-Westbund in Germany
and the initiator of this Toolkit project


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 We are Europe



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